Process Zealots

Ours, it would seem, is a time of growing zealotry. Instead of following a scientific path of hypothesis and validation, of stepwise improvement, and of picking the approach that best fits the task at hand, we get the promise of uniform salvation. In the abstract, a development process is a tool toward the end of […]

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Beware the “elite engineer”

Let’s call him Jesse. Jesse was a pretty good developer, quick to get things working, and always up-to-date on new technologies. So he became the go-to-guy when something impressive was needed rapidly, for a demo or a trade show. Soon, Jesse was the “cool kid” working on the “cool stuff”, the startup CEO’s favorite and […]

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The Virtues of Inconvenience

People behave differently when they believe their actions have no consequences. Not exactly a new insight; yet one that it is important to come back to every once in a while, since many of our corporate processes still neglect to sufficiently account for it. And we’re not talking about the criminally minded here, though certainly […]

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Leaving the Stone Age

Many of us, myself included, were educated in what you may call the Stone Age: Deployments were supposed to be “solid as a rock”. Once something got set up, it was supposed to run for years – ideally without making a noise. There were good reasons for this approach: Significant up-front investment was required for […]

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Cloud Essentials

At the start of this blog it seems appropriate to provide some foundational tenets on the nature of the cloud; a creed if you will: “We hold these truths to be self-evident.” Hardware is Software The core nature of the cloud is the API. Virtualization is, obviously, a key technology component – but the cloud […]

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